we are the only campaign of its kind in the state of louisiana. we're about the long game of shifting the state's political culture and changing how we talk about & relate to politics.
about AiFL

All In For Louisiana is a volunteer-led, multiracial, multi-generational campaign housed by the Real Majority c4.

We are focused on elevating our four (4) core issues that have broad based support throughout the state in order to get a more progressive Louisiana legislature that works for everybody. Those core issues are:

  • Clean Air & Water
  • Strong Public Schools
  • Livable Wages
  • Healthcare Access & Well-Being

We are the only campaign of its kind in the State of Louisiana.  By shifting the narrative around progressive values within the airwaves, media, and messaging, All In For Louisiana is filling in the gaps of what is missing in the electoral and civic processes of Louisiana. Our district assessments allow us to both coordinate with other organizations – local and national – while also focusing resources on both traditional and nontraditional areas of communications.

we are going all in to change this state for the better.
A raised fist of a protestor at a political demonstration