we are moving the needle for progressive candidates in traditionally overlooked, but marginal districts in louisiana. these aren't the easy races, but these are the races we need to be in to win real majority for the people of louisiana. check out where we're active this cycle.
the districts

La. House 10: Webster and Bossier Parish

Creighton Wilson (D)

Why We’re All In for Creighton: Creighton Wilson is an long-time educator and faith leader in the community. After spending years in Texas as an acclaimed educator, he came back to his native Louisiana to better his home district, build the community and invest in local jobs. Now, Creighton is a vocal champion for our public schools and will fight for us in the state legislature.

La. House 70: East Baton Rouge Parish

Belinda Davis (D)

Why We’re All In for Belinda: Belinda is clearly the only real progressive choice to move District 70 forward. She will be a bold, progressive voice in the legislature, knowing that Louisiana must move away from the bad policies that incumbent Republicans have supported for years. Belinda has demonstrated her progressive bonfides through her lifelong advocacy for children and the public school system time and time again.

La. House 105: Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines Parishes

Mack Cormier (D)

Why We’re All In for Mack: Mack is a generational Democrat ready to protect his district, culture, waterways. Mack is a dedicated educator, a strong family man, and his commitment to community values is unparalleled. He’s the only candidate in the race who will fight for the real priorities of his district.

La. Senate 14: East Baton Rouge Parish

Patricia Haynes-Smith (D)

Why We’re All In for Pat: Pat Smith has been the most progressive champion in the Louisiana legislature since she arrived in 2008. She is more than ready to tackle the clean air and water challenges in front of us, fight for livable wages for working families, and support a strong, robust public school system that ensures every family has a chance at the American Dream.